Paulette Jordan Comes to Challis

Sandra Willingham and Paulette Jordan

Paulette Jordan, who is running to become our next Governor of Idaho, is meeting residents across the state even in rural Idaho areas such as Challis. Last night, over eighty Custer County residents met, greeted, enjoyed and learned about Paulette Jordan’s vision for Idaho as its new Governor. Kudos to Sandra Willingham for organizing and hosting this event.

For more information on how to volunteer for Paulette’s campaign, please visit here.

It’s Time to Step Up and Volunteer

I know that it’s hot outside but there are less than 100 days till Election Day. We cannot wait on the sidelines any longer.

rebecca schroeder

Our candidates across the state have been burning it up—walking in 100-degree temps to talk to their constituents, continuing to lead the fights for Healthcare and access to early education for all Idahoans. All of them have been working hard to earn our vote and can use our support now more than ever. Please sign up to volunteer to help these great candidates get elected. I know that YOU can be the difference come November!

NFDW Summer Message: Get Loud

nfdw caucus

What a great time we had at our NFDW annual meeting and convention in the beautiful desert of Tempe, Arizona. A final thank you to Arizona President, Carol Comito and the hard-working ladies of the Arizona Federation of Democratic Women for putting together such a great week filled with motivating speakers, educational workshops, and remarkable sights of Tempe. Coming together with passionate women from across the country always leaves me inspired to do more, be more and help others do the same. I hope you left with the same desire.

In less than 100 days, midterm elections will take place in every state in the nation and the stakes could not be higher. All 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives will be on the ballot, in addition to over one-third of the Senate seats, 39 governorships, and several state and local offices. It matters who sits in those seats and our duty as the voice of the Democratic women of the Party is to leave no stone unturned, no voter left untouched, and no ballot unmarked.

Individually, we are ripples, but together….we become a wave. I encourage you to get up, get loud, and be a part of the Blue Wave that is sweeping the nation.

Susanna L. French, NFDW President

New Poll From Idaho Voices Shows A Tightening Race for Governor

November may be months away but a new poll conducted by Clarity Campaign Labs on behalf of Idaho Voices for Change Now shows a tightening race for Governor. In a red state like Idaho, Paulette Jordan may face an uphill battle but the race is far from decided. Studies have shown that women do not take their constitutional right to vote for granted and that we tend to vote more than men. For those of you who are tired of living in a state that does not support women, it is time to stand up and support a candidate that has a vision for putting our beliefs into action. Even the poll’s author made it clear that women have an important role in this year’s governor’s race:

“In a right-leaning state like Idaho, it’s clear that voters are considering a new approach to leadership and Paulette Jordan has plenty of room for growth especially among women, young people, and Independent voters.”

Idaho voters are currently split on their vote for Governor with 38% expressing support for Lieutenant Governor Brad Little, 28% supporting former State Representative Paulette Jordan, 7% supporting third-party candidates, and 26% are undecided. The poll’s author indicates that it is quite a shift for a state that is currently 51.5% registered Republicans and only 11.5% registered Democrats. Across Idaho, independent voters make up 35.7% of Idaho registered voters and Jordan is leading Little 43% to 20% with these voters. These numbers show that Paulette Jordan is gaining support across the aisle and that people are tired of having the same people in Boise leading our state.

To read more about the poll results, please visit this link.