Newly Elected Officers and Representatives

newly elected Officers and Representatives (left to right) Barb Harris, IDW Chair Gini Ballou IDWC Vice Chair Donna Pence State Representative for Dist.26 Janie Davidson Blaine County Central Committee Chair Bev Robinson IDWC Secretary Betty Murphy IDWC Regional Director 5 Elaine Smith State Representative for Dist.29 Not shown Newly elected Hannah Sharp IDWC Regional Director 4 Linda Leeuwrik IDWC Regional Director 6

Newly elected Officers and Representatives:

(left to right) Barb Harris, IDW Chair; Gini Ballou, IDWC Vice Chair; Donna Pence, State Representative for Dist.26; Janie Davidson, Blaine County Central Committee Chair; Bev Robinson, IDWC Secretary; Betty Murphy, IDWC Regional Director 5; Elaine Smith, State Representative for Dist.29; Not shown: Hannah Sharp, IDWC Regional Director 4; Linda Leeuwrik, IDWC Regional Director 6.