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The IDWC is a forum for Idaho Democratic Women to focus on issues of concern, to increase involvement of women in the Democratic Party, to contribute to and to work for Democratic candidates, and to encourage and prepare more women to run for and be elected to public offices at all levels of government.

We are a proud member of the National Federation of Democratic Women.


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Medicare Turns 50

Medicare's 50th BirthdayMedicare is our most successful health care program in America’s history. For nearly fifty years it has given seniors the ability to see a doctor and fill a prescription – and it has kept them out of poverty. The Alliance for Retired Americans is leading the charge to celebrate Medicare’s 50th birthday, beginning in 2014 and culminating in 2015.

That is why the Idaho Alliance for Retired Americans is hosting a birthday celebration on July 30, 2015. Here are the details.

Date: Thursday, July 30
Time: 3:30 pm
Location: Panhandle Health District
Address: 8500 N Atlas Road, Hayden ID 83845


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