About IDWC

The IDWC is a forum for Idaho Democratic Women to focus on issues of concern, to increase involvement of women in the Democratic Party, to contribute to and to work for Democratic candidates, and to encourage and prepare more women to run for and be elected to public offices at all levels of government.

We are a proud member of the National Federation of Democratic Women.


News from IDWC

Update from the Chair

Update from the Chair


Our statewide election did not come out the way we had hoped despite all our hard work. However, we did have some successes at the local level and we can celebrate those elections. Thank you for all your work to help our candidates. Now we need to work on next year and the 1st thing that comes to mind is our Dottie Stimpson Award. We will be presenting the Award at our annual Membership Meeting in Boise in March.

Dottie Stimpson Award Nominations

The Dottie Stimpson Award “honors a woman who has demonstrated perseverance, persistence, patience, passion, commitment and leadership such as Dottie Stimpson has over the years as she founded the Idaho Democratic Women’s Caucus. Dottie’s work on behalf of the Democratic Party and the Women’s Caucus has been significant, and in this way we honor her loyalty, energy, and support.”

Our Chair for the Awards Committee:
Shirley McFaddan, Chair
smcfaddan@gmail.com, 208-683-1865
The Dead Line for submitting names is January 15, 2015.

Membership Renewals Due

It’s past time to renew your membership. If you have already renewed or you do this every year at the Frank Church IDWC Membership Breakfast, please disregard this message.

Going through the list of members there are quite a few who have not paid this year 2014 or 2013. We have it set up online, so you can go to join/renew on the membership tab and pay your yearly dues.  It is so easy that many members pay their dues this way. Check it out!

To participate on the executive board or a committee or to vote at the membership meeting, you need to be a member in good standing.  So please pay your dues regularly.

Thank you for your participation and cooperation.

Barb Harris, Chair
Idaho Democratic Woman’s Caucus


We have blue t-shirts for the day when we have “Blue on the Hill”. Holli Woodings started this last year. Lets continue it!! We can wear them at events, parades, and picnics. Let’s show that we are proud to be Democrats. The t-shirt tag line is “This Dem is a Gem”. We are the “Gem State” and we, ladies are certainly gems.

Order your “This Dem is a Gem”  T-Shirt.