Let’s Celebrate Women in July

My name is Gini Ballou and I am the President of the Idaho Democratic Women’s Caucus. I want to welcome you to the heat of the summer and campaign season! Let me start by expressing my extreme gratitude to all of the women who have stepped up to run for office this year. I cannot recall a time when we had a more qualified, dedicated line-up, all across the state! Idaho Democratic Women have been working hard, like we always do, attending parades and picnics and working and running campaigns and being the leaders on the ticket! It is a great time to be a Blue Girl in this Red State—get out there and be part of this Blue Tsunami!


Have you checked out the 2018 Idaho Democratic Party Platform? Having served on the Platform Committee, I am quite proud of what we’ve created together. Please read it over and you will see the clear differences between our parties. Our platform is the most progressive that I have seen enacted ever.


While there have been picnics and BBQs all over the state, I’ve gotten to attend some in Ada County, Twin Falls, Hailey, and Ketchum. I have met some of this year’s candidates and know that they will stand up for women in Idaho. These events have all been well attended with folks that are fired up, willing to work and ready to vote!


Paulette Jordan, who is going to be our next Idaho Governor, is covering the state and going strong! She has been up north, in Twin Falls, at a house party south of Ketchum, and at events in Boise. Her message of love and coming together as one people is scaring the socks off the other side. Right now she is being followed by CNN and we have a front-row seat in watching her flip Idaho Blue one person at a time!


Kristin Collum, who is the next Idaho Lt. Governor, is one hard-working woman who has earned our full support. She is traveling the state, speaking with both sides of the aisle, ready to stand up for Idahoans! Please give her your time, talent and money! Let’s make sure we are represented! #VoteForTheVet

Remember to join the Idaho Democratic Women’s Caucus if you are not already a member or need to renew your membership again and help us support these fabulous candidates. We need your assistance more than ever if we are going to get more Democratic women elected in Idaho. Be sure and back all of them because we need the full line-up, not just one or two stars. So stand up proudly, yell “I’m proud to be a Democrat” at the top of your lungs, and vote for our entire ticket!

IDWC Breakfast and the 2018 IDP Convention

The Idaho Democratic Women’s Caucus would like to thank everyone who attended yesterday’s breakfast at the College of Idaho. We had a wonderful turnout filled with convention delegates, elected officials, and candidates for various offices across Idaho.

Betty Hansen Richardson
Betty Hansen Richardson

Our keynote speaker was Betty Hansen Richardson, who was the first woman to serve as U.S. Attorney for the District of Idaho (1993-2001) and she entertained us all with humorous anecdotes. Her speech was entitled “The Rule of Law in the Age of Trump” and discussed how attacks on our nation’s criminal justice system are no laughing matter. As someone who has worked in the criminal justice system, she truly understands how ours is a nation “with liberty and justice for all” and how the concept of due process of law is not found in other countries. She encouraged attendees to continue their support of efforts to promote equal rights and opportunities for women and minorities whenever possible.

Mary Mosley
Mary Mosley

Dr. Mary Mosley, who is the President of the Southwest Idaho chapter of the National Organization for Women, spoke about gender pay gap in Idaho and the lack of equal pay for men and women doing the same job. This disparity is very acute in Idaho where women earn on average 76 percent of what men earn compared to the national average of 82 percent and hits working mothers the hardest. She encouraged progressive women across the state to run for office and to fight for all of our rights. She also touched upon topics of paid family leave and early childhood education.

Our check-in table was busy all morning long with attendees signing in and selling of various merchandise. We were able to sell Democratic pins, buttons, and sparkling donkeys as well. The donkeys were a big hit and we were excited to see them being snapped up right and left. Additionally, a couple of new ladies signed up for memberships and expressed an interest in volunteering to help get our candidates elected in November. All money raised will go towards our efforts to get more Democratic women in involved in Idaho.

We would like to share a picture of our board members who were able to attend the breakfast along with the new IDYD President Jessi Boyer in front our new IDWC banner.

july directors
Left to Right: Region 6 Director Linda Leeuwrik, Treasurer Kris Hooker, Vice President Tamara Code, President Gini Ballou, Secretary Bev Robinson, Region 5 Director Karen Bliss, Region 2 Director Melanie Wolf, and IDYD President Jessi Boyer

Finally, we encourage everyone to check out the candidates to find out how to get more Idaho Democratic women elected to public office.

2018 IDWC Convention Breakfast

Betty Richardson

The Idaho Democratic Women’s Caucus is proud to announce that Betty Hansen Richardson will be the speaker for the 2018 Convention Breakfast. The breakfast will be held on June 30, 2018, at 7:30am at the College of Idaho in Caldwell, Idaho.

Betty Hansen Richardson is a proud Lewiston native and a strong leader who has proudly served the citizens of Idaho in public service. She broke new ground by being the first woman appointed to the Idaho Industrial Commission and the first woman appointed to serve as Idaho’s United States Attorney. She has a deep love for her community, state, and country and works hard to uphold Democratic values.

Tickets to hear this fabulous speaker cost $25.00 per person and can be bought online here. We encourage all Convention attendees and everyone in the Treasure Valley area who is interested in electing more Democratic women to attend. Attendees will also be able to meet some of our 2018 Idaho Democratic women candidates.

For more information about this event or our organization, please contact us via email or find us on Facebook.

An Amazing Night for Democratic Women

Democratic women
Paulette Jordan
Last night was an amazing night for Democratic women across the state. Democratic voters went to the polls in droves and elected impressive female candidates up and down the ballot to advance to the November 2018 general election.

We express our warmest congratulations to Paulette Jordan, Kristin Collum, Cindy Wilson, and Jill Humble to name a few on their historic wins. Last night’s success was great but it not enough to make lasting change. We must remember that while women represent 49.9 percent of Idaho’s population, only 30 percent of the Idaho legislature is made up of women lawmakers.

Our work to elect more female Democratic public servants has just begun. Our candidates need your help more than ever if they are going to win in November and we encourage everyone to contact the candidates to see how you can help. You can find contact information for candidates across the state here.