Women in Blue 2019

We will begin with a picture of everyone wearing BLUE on the Capital steps at 9:00AM MT. The Idaho Capital building is located at 700 W. Jefferson St. in Boise. Afterward, we will head inside to be introduced on both the House and the Senate floors. The Capital is a beautiful building, with a rich history and somewhere all Idahoans should visit and feel at home.

Plan on staying for lunch at the Capital Cafeteria, where they actually have great food and at reasonable prices. Afterward, we will head over to the IBEW Local 291’s office at 1:30PM MT. Their office is located at 225 N. 16th St. #110 in Boise. We will make posters for Saturday’s Women’s March and hear a presentation on how to lobby effectively. We plan on finishing at 3:00PM MT.

Women In Power

Around the country, democratic leaders and especially women leaders, are making headlines. The mock-up magazine cover above, from NFDW President, Susanna French, shows some of the excitement that is going on.

Idaho might not have experienced a huge blue wave that happened in other states but women remain the backbone of our party. Out of five Democratic legislative leadership positions, women occupy four of them. While Idaho remains a very red state, that does not mean that we should not hold our elected officials accountable. They represent everyone, not just those who voted for them.

Remember the Troops

As we head into the Holiday Season, please remember those that are struggling—to keep food on their tables, a roof over their heads, the bills at bay. Keep our men and women serving in the military and their families in your thoughts. Reach out to those that battle depression during this time. Try to ease the burden of someone else. And watch how gratitude can overcome our setbacks and move us onward.

2018 Election Success

It’s been a tough cycle, everyone working so hard and only seeing small gains here at home. A whole slate of fantastic candidates worked tirelessly and yet were not able to garner enough votes. Don’t be disheartened! Look at the incredible strides and success we did achieve—Muffy Davis has replaced Rep. Steve Miller in D26 and Steve Berch has finally prevailed in D15!

From L to R: Representative Elect Jake Ellis (D-15B), Representative Elect Muffy Davis (D-26A), and Representative Elect Steve Berch (D-15A).

Also, even the candidates that didn’t make it made a difference, all across the state. Voter turnout was greater, engagement in issues is way up and our path to greater achievement is clear. These are things that we can build upon for the next election cycle success. Keep talking about the things that matter—fair elections, facts, and a brighter future. We can leave anger and fear behind and continue to work towards the tomorrow we want to give our children and grandchildren.