2018 Early Voting is Now Open

Early voting is open! Why worry about Election Day lines? Get to your county election office and vote NOW! Women fought and fought hard for our right to vote. Gini Ballou’s own mother stopped on her way to the hospital to have her to vote for JFK, so there is no excuse for not getting your vote in!

Another trend is new voters, those that have never been registered and those that just stopped showing up. In Jerome we have volunteers going out every night and talking about our candidates, registering voters and making sure folks know where to cast their ballot. Candidates have been canvassing their Districts multiple times and we are hearing how it’s making a difference to voters. In her rounds, Gini spoke with a young woman she has known since she was a teenager. She’s an outspoken, generous person that speaks freely of her addiction recovery and participates in all manner of good works in our communities. And yet to Gini’s surprise, at 33 she had never voted—until last week! Never discount the impact YOU can make when you take the time to talk with your neighbors!

A Blue Wave in Idaho

Like our candidates, our President has been making tracks around the state—Twin Falls via Pocatello was a great morning drive. But the enthusiasm and support from citizens everywhere make every mile worthwhile. She had twenty people show up braving the 30 mph wind gusts in Twin to learn more about our leaders and get information on Prop 2. She handed out 20 Kristin Collum for Lt. Governor yard signs and over 25 Paulette Jordan for Governor signs! Up north, our Regional Directors report backyard parties, door knocking events and parades. People are ready for our Blue Wave!

With all the great events our candidates are generating, we have some fantastic growth around the state. We welcome our newest county organization, the Camas County Democrats and chair, Sherrie Gregory! Sherrie attended the IDP Convention in June and after a bit of encouragement at a D26 House Party, she took on the leadership and we know that she will do a great job bringing balance and options to Fairfield and Camas County residents.

2018 IPTV Candidate Debates

Have you been watching the debates? Our Democratic candidates have been outstanding—speaking about issues, keeping on point and holding their opponents accountable for their records, promises, and failures. From the top of the ticket to our local forums, Democratic candidates have been on fire! Join some friends or go to your local Democratic HQ and cheer together.

The Campaign Trail is Getting Hot in September

With less than 50 days left to Election Day, we want to remind you that November 6th will be here sooner than you expect.
hot yard signs
Crisp mornings and cool nights don’t mean sweater weather, it means it’s time to get heated up by the hot campaigns we’ve got running all over our state! From the incredible turnout at every stop that Paulette Jordan makes, to the hard work by Lt Governor candidate, Kristin Collum, all of our terrific statewide races as well as the fantastic local candidates, there are plenty of great folks needing your support! Make your yard look like a NASCAR entry—signs for everyone!

gini ballou
This past weekend I had the distinct honor of presenting at the TEDx Sun Valley event. My Talk is titled, “Was I Your Mother? Finding Love in Alzheimer’s,” and the video will be posted in December. It addresses the complicated mother/daughter relationship, with the extra degree of difficulty that only one of you knows it exists. My goal was to offer the hope that’s it never too late to find healing and love and laughter, if you can keep a positive attitude.