2014 Dottie Stimpson Award Winner Michelle Stennet

Michelle Stennett

An Idaho resident for 30 years, Michelle spent her childhood in California and in a dairy farming community in Wisconsin. Michelle’s rural roots brought her to central Idaho where she met and married Clint Stennett, who was raised in southern Idaho.

Michelle has a B.A. in International Relations – Environmental Studies, a B.A. in Latin languages, and a minor in Business from the University of Oregon. She holds a Certificat d’Etudes from the Universite de Poitiers and a Legislative Energy Horizon Institute certificate from the University of Idaho. Michelle worked in developing countries and for a hunting/fishing lodge in Alaska before moving to Idaho.

She has a diverse professional background including working at the Sun Valley Animal Center, advertising sales for the family’s television company, and in-flight operations with Horizon Air. She has also worked for Sun Valley Aviation as the fixed-base operator, servicing private aircraft. In addition, Michelle has a pilot’s license. Michelle worked several years both in Idaho and abroad for aid and philanthropic organizations implementing community-based solutions on projects such as clean water, grazing, sanitation, and famine relief.

Living in the Wood River Valley, Michelle enjoys being surrounded by beautiful places to fish, hunt, bike, horseback ride, ski, camp, and romp with her Golden Retriever, Teagan. She deeply values Idaho’s unparalleled quality of life. Michelle represents District 26 in the Idaho State Senate which encompasses Blaine, Camas, Gooding and Lincoln Counties. She is the Minority Leader in the Idaho Senate and was the Minority Caucus Chair before.

She serves on two committees: State Affairs and Resources & Environment which gives her the opportunity to push for the right to clean air and water, protect an individual’s personal life choices like directives and living wills from governmental intrusion, and facilitate partnerships that provide the best services for Idahoans. She is appointed to several interim committees focusing on natural resources, fisheries, and water issues. Women in leadership bring different strengths to the conversation. Michelle is committed to bringing respectful, collaborative, smart governing to the Idaho Legislature.