An Amazing Night for Democratic Women

Democratic women
Paulette Jordan
Last night was an amazing night for Democratic women across the state. Democratic voters went to the polls in droves and elected impressive female candidates up and down the ballot to advance to the November 2018 general election.

We express our warmest congratulations to Paulette Jordan, Kristin Collum, Cindy Wilson, and Jill Humble to name a few on their historic wins. Last night’s success was great but it not enough to make lasting change. We must remember that while women represent 49.9 percent of Idaho’s population, only 30 percent of the Idaho legislature is made up of women lawmakers.

Our work to elect more female Democratic public servants has just begun. Our candidates need your help more than ever if they are going to win in November and we encourage everyone to contact the candidates to see how you can help. You can find contact information for candidates across the state here.