Idaho Representative Sally Toone Wins NFDW Outstanding Elected Democratic Woman Holding Public Office and IDWC President, Gini Ballou elected NFDW 3rd VP

The Idaho Democratic Women’s Caucus is thrilled to announce that Idaho Representative Sally Toone was selected the Outstanding Elected Democratic Woman Holding Public Office by the National Federation of Democratic Women. The award was presented at the Annual Convention Gala on Friday, June 11, 2021.

IDWC President, Gini Ballou of Hailey, said that Representative Toone was someone that has supported the people of Idaho and “has shown the power of the minority when it sticks together.” Representative Muffy Davis, said in her recommendation that she is “so thankful that we have terrific mentors and leaders…to guide and support us through the challenging and difficult work we are determined to do for our constituents.”

Senate Minority Leader, Michelle Stennett, said, “Sally methodically, relentlessly works legislation through the layers of obstacles required to make good policy. She pushes through partisanship with a clear vision and a willingness to bring all parties together, but she does not tolerate foolishness or untruthfulness. She is a warrior.”

Toone is a master educator, teaching for over 37 years, named a Mentor of the Year by BSU’s College of Education. She currently is the Idaho House Minority Caucus Chair and serves on the Agricultural Affairs, Commerce & Human Resources, Education and Ways and Means Committees. 

Also, during the Annual Convention, Gini Ballou was elected 3rd Vice President of the NFDW during the business meeting on Saturday, June 12, 2021. Ballou, who lives in Hailey, has served as IDWC President since 2018 and been involved with the Idaho Democratic Women’s Caucus since 2008. Ketchum’s Wendy Jaquet, former Representative, and House Minority Leader helped form the IDWC along with a group of women wanting to have more voice in Idaho politics. The National Federation of Democratic Women is celebrating 50 years of uniting and encouraging full participation of women in every level of the Democratic Party structure. They are represented on the DNC Board and have member organizations in 32 states plus DC and Puerto Rico.