IDWC Honors Shelley Landry……Recipient of the 2015 Dottie Stimpson Award

Shelley Landry

Our Dottie Stimpson Awardee is originally from Vermont. However, she has lived in many places across the country. She spent most of her school years in California. After high school, she went on to college in Arkansas; two extremely different places. Prior to getting involved in the world of politics, she had a career with a major airline. Working in the airline business allowed her to do what she loved; travel and lots of it.

In the spirit of adventure, she moved to Idaho to settle down and start a family. She has raised three incredible teenage daughters with her husband David. The five of them are well known for their big road trips, traveling all across the country.While her political career didn’t begin in Idaho until 2004, she comes from a long line of union members and a family who believed in the ballot box. Dinnertime was often a debate about the issues of the day.

Since beginning her career in politics in 2004, she has worked tirelessly towards change in Idaho. She has always been open to what her next calling for the cause is and went wherever she was needed. From campaign manager, to field organizer, to coordinated campaign director, to Regional Director in Idaho Congressional District 1 Office, to Executive Director of the Idaho State Democratic Party. She is currently the Region 4 Director for the Idaho Democratic Women’s Caucus.

She never gives up and never says the job is too hard. Her love of Democrats, her passion and drive to make a difference, spur her forward. Idaho is so lucky to have her talents and expertise back in Idaho.As Director for Idaho Votes, she ensures that the party is never far from our partner’s minds.

Please congratulate Shelley Landry, our recipient of the 2015 Dottie Stimpson Award.