Impeachment: Call Your Senators (NFDW Action Alert)

NFDW Action Alert Impeachment

“These are the times that try men’s souls.” These famous words have never rung so true as when House Impeachment Manager Adam Schiff quoted Thomas Paine during the impeachment of President Donald John Trump.  

Now the members of the U.S. Senate are faced with voting for or against the impeachment and removal of Donald John Trump from office. How any member of the U.S. Senate can sit there these long hours and listen to the numerous details and facts of how Trump has abused his power and his obstruction of Congress, but still defend Trump, is beyond our imagination. Does the truth not mean anything anymore to those that continue to support Trump?

NFDW members must call and email their U.S. Senators. It is clear that the Republicans are continuing to support Trump rather than our U.S. Constitution. If your Senators are Republicans, it is especially important that you contact these people. You must appeal to their conscience because the vote that they cast will etch in stone whether they are defenders of truth, justice, and the U.S. Constitution, or will they cave in to the dark side of loving power more than their country?

The U.S. Senate must allow John Bolton to testify. All trials have witnesses and documents. This is a trial and the Senators have sworn an oath to be impartial and to uphold our Constitution. We must commend the House Impeachment Managers for the stellar job that each member has done in presenting the facts. They have left no stone unturned. 

This is indeed a somber moment in our history and there is no joy in this impeachment. It is easy to understand why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would not move on the impeachment early on, but we are here now and those who love this country and democracy must rise up and defend this impeachment. Make your calls and emails today. Ask your colleagues and friends to stand up in support of this impeachment too. The future of democracy is at stake. Donald John Trump must be impeached and removed from office.

– NFDW President Cindy Jenks