NFDW Action Alert on ERA

1979 FL ERA demonstration
An ERA demonstration back in 1979 in Florida.

NFDW has made ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment our priority.  Three pieces of new ERA legislation are pending in Congress, and our sources are telling us that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has indicated that the House Resolutions will come to the floor for a vote.  Therefore, we want all members of Congress to sign this legislation.

You can check the resolution co-sponsors by clicking on the links below to see who has signed.  There is a section to the left of the page where you can click on your state and that is quicker than scrolling through the entire list of legislators. 

H.J. Res 38 by Congresswoman Jackie Speier removes the deadline for ratification of the original legislation.  H.J. Res 35 by Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney begins a new process to pass the ERA.  This is backup legislation that begins the process again should the existing legislation be challenged in court and there is a ruling against letting the original legislation stand. 

There is also hope for Senator Ben Cardin’s Senate Resolution because two Republicans are co-signers for S.J. Res 6.  Cardin’s legislation removes the deadline for passing the original ERA legislation. 

“Call your Senators and Representatives two or more times a week until you know that they have signed these resolutions.  Make your voice heard as we ratify the ERA,” said President Jenks.