NFDW Summer Message: Get Loud

nfdw caucus

What a great time we had at our NFDW annual meeting and convention in the beautiful desert of Tempe, Arizona. A final thank you to Arizona President, Carol Comito and the hard-working ladies of the Arizona Federation of Democratic Women for putting together such a great week filled with motivating speakers, educational workshops, and remarkable sights of Tempe. Coming together with passionate women from across the country always leaves me inspired to do more, be more and help others do the same. I hope you left with the same desire.

In less than 100 days, midterm elections will take place in every state in the nation and the stakes could not be higher. All 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives will be on the ballot, in addition to over one-third of the Senate seats, 39 governorships, and several state and local offices. It matters who sits in those seats and our duty as the voice of the Democratic women of the Party is to leave no stone unturned, no voter left untouched, and no ballot unmarked.

Individually, we are ripples, but together….we become a wave. I encourage you to get up, get loud, and be a part of the Blue Wave that is sweeping the nation.

Susanna L. French, NFDW President