Our Time in Albany

Last week we joined other progressive women from across the country for the National Federation of Democratic Women’s (NFDW) annual convention in Albany, New York. The NFDW represents state federation’s interests at the DNC and supports women’s voices throughout the party.

A big surprise was when President Gini Ballou was asked to run for 5th VP on the national executive board. She didn’t win–lost by 28 votes out of 554 cast–so very respectable showing. Especially, since it was only her second time attending the national convention. We were told there were considerations of the board makeup, not just geographical but demographics, that played into the decision. It truly was a big honor for Gini to be encouraged and supported by so many powerful leaders around the country. 

There was a Resolution from the floor, to censure the Idaho Democratic Party until they fully recognize our caucus with voting rights, and asked that the board be comprised of at least 40% women! The amount of attention that the By-Law amendment has and is getting around the country is nothing short of amazing! Remember that women are not a special interest group and deserve a seat at the table and a vote!

We were proud to represent you and the women and voters of Idaho at the convention. We definitely showed them that Democratic women in Idaho do exist.