Welcome to Spring!

I hope you are enjoying warmer weather wherever in Idaho you reside. It has been a long winter and we are all ready for the sunshine. This is much the same feeling I have in our social and political world. I know the biggest relief comes every morning when I wake up to President Biden and Vice President Harris. In Idaho unfortunately, the leadership still leaves most of us shaking our heads and deeply concerned for the direction we are headed.

We need more Democrats, especially in the Idaho Statehouse! A balance of parties gives us the opportunity to have discussions about where we are going and how we get there. Do we invest in our children with better schools and support For our teachers? Do we ensure the bridges we drive over every day are saFe? Do we believe in equality enough to make the changes needed?

We are extremely fortunate to have such strong women leaders such as Senate Minority Leader, Michelle Stennett, and House Minority Leader, Ilana Rubel. The entire slate of Democrats, women and men, are doing all they can to make sure the voices of Idaho Democrats are heard. But with more of them, they could make legislation, improve lives and protect the environment for us all.

Please join us in staying involved, all year long. It was wonderful to have a great group join us for our Annual Meeting in March and for our RBG Tribute last Fall. We will be hosting more Zoom meetings until it is safe to hold in-person events again and for convenience with such a large state. When it is safe, Regional Directors will be looking for ways to get together, share opinions, and be involved in finding, electing, and supporting Democratic women leaders around the state. We hope to see YOU at our next event! We appreciate each one of you and the difference you are making. Please stay strong, stay safe.

With gratitude,
Gini Ballou, President

2021 Virtual Brunch & Annual Meeting

We had some fantastic women from across Idaho and the country speak at our annual meeting, which had the theme of “Build Back Better”! The speakers at our first ever Virtual Brunch on March 14, 2021, were Virgie Rollins Representative Muffy Davis, Representative Sally Toone, Representative Illana Rubel, Betty Richardson, and Julianna Roosevelt. They each spoke about the importance of getting Democratic women elected and how we can work together to “Build Back Better” so that our communities can come out of the pandemic stronger than ever.

We also presented our three awards to some fantastic individuals. This year’s Dottie Stimpson Award winner has chosen to remain anonymous at this time. The Young Distinguished Woman Award was awarded to Mariel Wilson, who is currently the Teton County Field Director with NextGen Idaho. This year we also started the Marguerite McLaughlin Award to honor a woman who serves in public office in Idaho. Our first ever winner was Sally Toone, who currently represents Legislative District 29 in the Idaho House of Representatives.

We had a fantastic virtual meeting and we plan on having more virtual events this year until it is safe enough to meet in person.

Virtual Brunch: Our Speakers!

Clockwise from top left: DNC Black Caucus Chair Virgie Rollins, Representative Ilana Rubel, Representative Muffy Davis, Representative Sally Toone, Betty Richardson, and Julianna Roosevelt

We have some fantastic speakers from across Idaho and the country that are scheduled to share how “Build Back Better” with our new President at this year’s Virtual Brunch & Annual Meeting. The speakers for this year’s event are Virgie Rollins, Representative Muffy Davis, Representative Sally Toone, Representative Illana Rubel, Betty Richardson, and Julianna Roosevelt. Our annual meeting will be held on March 14, 2021 via Zoom.

Virgie Rollins, Chair of the DNC Black Caucus and National Federation of Democratic Women DNC Member, is going to share her experience on the campaign trail and the importance of promoting minority voices. Idaho House Minority Leader Ilana Rubel will discuss the effects of the Republican super-majority on working people across our state. Representative Muffy Davis will share her personal story of adversity and triumph along with her experience as a legislator during the Covid-19 pandemic. Finally, Betty Richardson, the first female U.S. Attorney for the District of Idaho, will review the progress of the Idaho Women for Biden Harris Facebook group and how we can all help make our country better regardless of political affiliation.

The agenda for the meeting can be found here: https://bit.ly/3aRueB5 and you can buy tickets, which cost $20.00 per person, to our virtual event using this link: Brunch.

For more information about this event, please contact our organization via email at idahodwc@gmail.com or find us on Facebook.

Build Back Better: A Virtual Brunch

The Idaho Democratic Women’s Caucus wholeheartedly invite Democratic Women throughout Idaho to our Annual Membership Meeting. This year’s meeting will be held on March 14, 2021 at 12pm. It will be a virtual event this year via Zoom due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Tickets to the meeting are $20.00 per person and can be bought on Eventbrite.

This year’s theme will be how women can help “Build Back Better” after 4 years of craziness coming from DC. Our guests include National Federation of Democratic Women President Cindy Jenks, and DNC Black Caucus Chair Virgie Rollins among many others. We also plan to announce the winners of our annual awards, which honor the great and amazing Democratic women across Idaho.

We encourage all Idahoans to join our organization and to work together in electing more Democratic Women into public office. To become a member or renew your existing membership, you must complete the Registration Form and pay the annual membership dues. Annual membership dues are $20. Seniors (65 and older) and students can join for $10.

For more information about this event, please contact our organization via email at idahodwc@gmail.com or find us on Facebook.