Paulette Jordan Virtual Fundraiser: Come Help Paulette!

Some supporters of Paulette Jordan are hosting a virtual fundraiser for her Senate campaign. You are cordially invited to join them on Zoom on June 23rd at 6:30 pm MST. You will need to click on the image above to donate and to join the party. Grab your money, your enthusiasm, and your favorite beverage and help out Paulette!   

IDWC Co-Sponsors NFDW Resolution in Honor of George Floyd

george floyd protest

During the National Federation of Democratic Women’s 2020 Virtual Convention, the Idaho Democratic Women’s Caucus helped co-sponsor a resolution in honor of George Floyd. We are very saddened by his senseless death and stand proud with those who are protesting racial injustice. His death serves as a wake-up to all of us that the Justice in Policing Act is desperately needed in these difficult times. The text of the resolution is below:

National Federation of Democratic Women Resolution #8

In Support of the Justice in Policing Act

WHEREAS, the horrific murder of George Floyd on the streets of Minneapolis–with a police officer’s knee to his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds as he gasped for air, gave an anguished cry “I can’t breathe” and called to his deceased mother–galvanized hundreds of thousands of Americans to take to the streets in peaceful Black Lives Matter protests in support of transformative change that ends police brutality, ends racial profiling, gives jurisdiction the power to fire or prosecute offending officers to achieve civil rights and justice for all, and invests in communities; and

WHEREAS, this week the Congressional Black Caucus–the conscience of the Congress–led over 200 House Democrats in introducing H.R. 7120, the Justice in Policing Act.  This bold, transformative legislation will assist police departments to change the culture of policing, raise the standards of the profession and hold officers accountable by (1) creating the first-ever national accreditation standards for the operation of police departments, (2) establishing accountability and limits to the qualified immunity that keeps unfit officers on the street, (3) banning chokeholds and no-knock drug warrants, and (4) establishing a national registry of police so unfit officers can’t move from one jurisdiction to another with impunity; and

WHEREAS, had these Justice in Policing Act reforms been the law of the land several years ago, Eric Garner and George Floyd would be alive because the bill bans chokeholds; Breonna Taylor would not have been shot to death in her sleep because no-knock warrants for drug offenses would have been illegal; and this May, Tamir Rice would have graduated from high school rather than having been killed at age 12 after an encounter that lasted mere seconds with an officer who had been fired from another department; and

WHEREAS, the Justice in Policing Act reinvests in our communities and empowers them to shape the future of public safety through grants to community-based organizations to develop innovative solutions.THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the National Federation of Democratic Women endorses the Justice in Policing Act and urges all Members of Congress and Senators to support this lifesaving legislation and to reshape the future of public safety with justice for all.

Honoring Our Nurses on the Frontlines (NFDW Action Alert)

The National Federation of Democratic Women salutes the numerous nurses, doctors, first responders, and other health care professionals who are risking their own lives each day of the COVID-19 pandemic. We also honor the many essential workers that have kept our food, pharmaceuticals, and other much-needed supplies available for us while they too are risking their lives supporting all citizens during this national emergency.

Too many nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers are facing working without all the protective masks, gowns, and other critical items they need to protect themselves. They have had to work long grueling hours, and deal with horrendous situations and death. These heroes also work in the midst of the fear that they have the virus and are asymptomatic. Therefore, they can transmit this deadly disease to their patients and then take it home to their own families.

Nevertheless, they return to the front lines again and again, with no end in sight. The daily stress that is cast upon these individuals who are working to take care of our country is horrific. Many on the frontline have referred to their experiences as being “in a war.” This mental anguish can take a tremendous toil, and can even leave these individuals with post-traumatic syndrome.

NFDW is asking our membership to contact your Congressional representatives and senators and ask them to honor these hometown heroes with a special recognition that can express the gratitude of all Americans for their selfless dedication while they care for their fellow citizens.

– NFDW President Cindy Jenks

2020 Breakfast Meeting

Liyah Babayan 2020 meeting
Liyah Babayan telling her powerful story at the Idaho Democratic Women’s Caucus on March 8, 2020.

This year’s breakfast had an amazing turnout despite the early hour and we had a fabulous meeting on this special day. Our keynote speaker, Liyah Babayah, gave a great speech entitled From the Crumbs of the American Dream. She spoke about her family’s genocide survival story and how they are healing from the violence they escaped in Baku, Azerbaijan. She also touched upon the importance of International Women’s Day and how it seems to be overlooked in the United States.

Our annual meeting also featured the presentation of our two annual awards. We had a total of ten nominees for our awards this year and the awards committee had a very difficult time deciding upon the winners.

The nominees for the Dottie Stimpson Award included Cherie Buckner-Webb, Elaine Smith, Sam Sandmire, Lori Burelle, Diana Rowe, Rebecca Schroeder, and Linda Simmons. This year’s winner was Representative Elaine Smith of Pocatello, who is retiring after this year. You can read more about our winner here.

There were three nominees for the Young Distinguished Woman Award and they included Paulette Jordan, Mary Kuehler, and Courtney Hamilton. This year’s winner was Courtney Hamilton of Ketchum. You can read more about our winner here.

All current executive board members were re-elected and we still have vacancies for Directors in regions 1, 2, and 7 at this point in time.