2018 Early Voting is Now Open

Early voting is open! Why worry about Election Day lines? Get to your county election office and vote NOW! Women fought and fought hard for our right to vote. Gini Ballou’s own mother stopped on her way to the hospital to have her to vote for JFK, so there is no excuse for not getting your vote in!

Another trend is new voters, those that have never been registered and those that just stopped showing up. In Jerome we have volunteers going out every night and talking about our candidates, registering voters and making sure folks know where to cast their ballot. Candidates have been canvassing their Districts multiple times and we are hearing how it’s making a difference to voters. In her rounds, Gini spoke with a young woman she has known since she was a teenager. She’s an outspoken, generous person that speaks freely of her addiction recovery and participates in all manner of good works in our communities. And yet to Gini’s surprise, at 33 she had never voted—until last week! Never discount the impact YOU can make when you take the time to talk with your neighbors!