2018 Election Success

It’s been a tough cycle, everyone working so hard and only seeing small gains here at home. A whole slate of fantastic candidates worked tirelessly and yet were not able to garner enough votes. Don’t be disheartened! Look at the incredible strides and success we did achieve—Muffy Davis has replaced Rep. Steve Miller in D26 and Steve Berch has finally prevailed in D15!

From L to R: Representative Elect Jake Ellis (D-15B), Representative Elect Muffy Davis (D-26A), and Representative Elect Steve Berch (D-15A).

Also, even the candidates that didn’t make it made a difference, all across the state. Voter turnout was greater, engagement in issues is way up and our path to greater achievement is clear. These are things that we can build upon for the next election cycle success. Keep talking about the things that matter—fair elections, facts, and a brighter future. We can leave anger and fear behind and continue to work towards the tomorrow we want to give our children and grandchildren.